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  • Will my staff be able to get access to my phone number?
    No, your name is already pre-synced with your phone number in our platform, so no staff will be able to see or get access to your phone number.
  • Will it cost me anything to use the Astra Platform?
    No, we do not charge any hospital staff for using the platform, nor for any messages sent or received. Our platform is meant to be a free tool for you to use as much as you desire.
  • Will my personal information or platform behavior be shared with my hospital?
    No, we do not share any personal information or personal platform usage behavior with your hospital or any third parties. Astra Wellbeing is an independent organization committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data and usage.
  • How do I access the Astra Wellbeing platform?
    Every message users receive will have a unique link that leads to your personalized user dashboard. We suggest saving our contact for a smoother experience.
  • What kind of messages will I receive?
    You will receive weekly messages of appreciation and recognition, submitted by members of your local community, addressed to the staff at your facility.
  • Do I need to download an app or log-in to use the platform?
    No, there is no download or log-in required. The entire platform is already linked to your phone number to make it very easy and convenient to access.
  • What measures are taken to protect my personal information?
    We take your privacy very seriously. Our security protocols are designed to safeguard your data at all times. To find out more visit
  • Can I control how many weekly messages I receive?
    Yes, in the 'update user preferences' section of your dashboard, you can select how often you wish to receive messages, choose to only receive peer-to-per messages, or opt-out entirely.
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