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Improving Retention Through Positive Support

Astra Wellbeing combines positive reinforcement with award-winning SMS technology to improve employee wellbeing and retention in healthcare facilities. 

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Partners & Organizations

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Over my time working in the Healthtech industry, I have interacted with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals. I can easily say that the drive, passion, and commitment that the Astra Wellbeing team possesses is among the very best I have been fortunate enough to work with.
Dr. David Rhew

Global Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare, Microsoft.

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The industry’s 1st SMS-based Wellness Platform

​Any employee can send a preset or custom message of support to any colleague at their facility, any anytime, anywhere, on any device

Why Healthcare Facilities Choose Astra Wellbeing

Workforce Wellness is the #1 Priority for Healthcare HR Teams. That’s why Astra is built around Transforming Workforce Culture:


Retention Driven

Clients report a 5-10% increase in staff retention in the first 60 days using the Astra Platform.

Effortless Implementation

Astra can integrate with any organization's existing systems in as little as 7-14 days


Affordable Impact

Astra costs a small fraction of EAP's, while saving clients up to $1.5M in turnover costs


Inclusive Innovation

Astra offers on demand wellness support - in any place, in any device, in any language. 

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Submit your own message

Want to get involved? Help us recognize the heroic efforts of those on our frontlines by submitting a message that may be shared with healthcare employees across the nation.

But don’t take our word for it…

How can Astra improve your institution's ROI?


Estimated annual savings using Astra for a facility with 1000 employees


Cost of a 1% change in RN turnover


Cost of turnover for a bedside RN


Cost of turnover for 1 physician

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